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ANDREX® is one of the UK’s most recognisable and celebrated brands.

We first launched in 1942 and have been the nation’s favourite toilet tissue ever since. In fact, UK households use over 8 million miles worth of Andrex® every year. That’s a lot of fun for all those naughty little puppies out there!

  • brand history 1942
    1942 Harrods

    Andrex® takes its name from the St Andrew’s Mill, Walthamstow, where it was first produced in 1942. It was originally developed from a design for a gentleman’s disposable handkerchief, sold exclusively in Harrods department store, London. How very posh!

  • brand history 1961
    1961 Rolling in at No. 1

    Andrex® was endorsed by Hollywood films stars of the day, who demanded that studios stock softer toilet tissue. By 1961 the brand achieved market leadership – and it has stayed there ever since. Thank you divas!

  • brand history 1966
    1966 Brightening up Britain’s bathrooms

    Toilet tissue doesn’t have to be boring, in 1966 we launched Andrex® in a range of colours. Just in time to wipe away the tears of joy for England’s football feats.

  • brand history 1972
    1972 The Andrex puppy is born

    1972 saw the first UK screening of the Andrex® puppy commercial. The original concept was blocked by television regulators as it was thought that the image of a little girl running through her house trailing a roll of Andrex® would encourage wastefulness. So, the little girl was replaced by a playful Labrador puppy and the campaign went on to become one of the best-known commercials in the country.

  • brand history 1978
    1978 The highest recognition

    The Queen granted us a Royal Warrant in 1978 as a mark of recognition that Andrex® is a regular supplier of toilet tissue to the Royal households. Good choice Ma’am.

  • brand history 1991
    1991 The nation’s favourite advert

    Our ‘Little Boy’ advert was one of the most successful in the history of Andrex® advertising and was voted the favourite commercial of 1991 by viewers. People still remember it to this day, despite not being televised for almost 15 years.

  • brand history 1992
    1992 Launch of the first moist tissue

    Andrex® are always trying to be a forefront of toilet tissue innovation, and in 1992 were the first to launch moist tissues. They’ve recently been relaunched as Andrex® Washlets. Have you tried them?

  • brand history 2001
    2001 A few little things that are kinder to your skin

    A new century and more product innovation in the form of Andrex® Skin Kind, enriched with the naturally caring touch of Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. It has a lightly scented inner core to give you a softer, stronger and kinder roll. Lovely.

  • brand history 2011
    2011 Changing with the seasons

    Andrex® Limited Collection is a range of uniquely designed toilet tissue that was launched in 2011. The designs are based on interior and lifestyle trends, regularly refreshed throughout the year.

  • brand history 2011
    2011 Giving the real puppies a break

    As talented as the Andrex® puppy is, there are certain things they can’t do, like bake a cake or drive a car. So we gave them a break and created CGI puppies that would step in for a while.

  • brand history 2012
    2012 Bamboo loo roll

    Andrex® Eco was launched with a unique combination of 90% recycled fibre and 10% natural bamboo. It’s this bamboo, coupled with new technological developments that make Andrex® Eco one of our softest rolls yet.

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