Yes, they are flushable

Andrex® Washlets are flushable, biodegradable, 100% plastic-free moist toilet tissue. Andrex® Washlets do not block toilets and are safe for the sewer systems.

The flushability claim of Andrex® Washlets is assured through testing carried out in accordance with INDA/EDANA’s international standard for flushability (GD4). In addition, our new Andrex® Washlets have now passed the UK flushable standard Fine to Flush. Our new product disperses faster than the previous Andrex® Washlets making them even easier to break down for the UK sewer systems.

They will break
up in the drain line

They will sink, not float

Will not block pumps

Break up whilst passing
through sewer

Are biodegradable

100% plastic-free, natural fibres

Our flushable Washlets

All of our Andrex Washlets are flushable, biodegradable and 100% plastic free. Use alongside dry toilet tissue to give you superior clean feeling.

How to tell if a wipe is flushable?

Andrex® Washlets is the first major brand in the UK to meet the requirements of Water UK’s official Fine to Flush standard. Look out for the icon below.

Non-flushable wipes such as household cleaning wipes and make-up cleansing wipes will have this icon.


The Fine to Flush certification is a new UK standard which determines, through scientific testing, whether flushable wipes can be flushed down toilets and pass safely through sewer systems. It was introduced by Water UK last year.

We’re proud that Andrex® Washlets is the first major brand in the UK to receive the Fine to Flush certification which means that its products can carry the Fine to Flush logo. Our Washlets have passed rigorous scientific tests and will break down in the sewer system and not cause blockages.

Our moist toilet tissues are made from 100% natural fibres. They do not contain plastic and are also biodegradable.

The new Andrex® Washlets are designed to break down more easily in the sewer system. The strengths have been changed so that they will still do the cleaning job they were designed to do well but will also break up more easily after flushing.

Andrex® Classic Clean Washlets carrying the new Fine to Flush logo, will start to appear on major supermarket shelves imminently.

All other Andrex® Washlets products such as Skin Kind and Gentle Clean will be available this Spring.

By using both moist and dry toilet tissue products, you can experience a superior clean feeling and all-day freshness.

Most non-flushable wipes such as baby wipes, cosmetic wipes and household cleaning wipes contain plastic in order to give wipes strength, so they don’t break up in use. They must never be flushed as they can contribute to sewer blockages and fatbergs and should be disposed of in a bin instead. All non-flushable wipes should carry the ‘Do Not Flush’ label on their packs.

Andrex® Washlets, are made from 100% natural fibres and 0% plastic. They have passed both international (INDA/EDANA Flushability Guidelines) and UK (Water UK Fine to Flush Specification) requirements.

No, previous Andrex® Washlets are still flushable as they comply with the international INDA/EDANA flushability standard. Our new product disperses even faster and meets the requirements of the UK Fine to Flush standard.

Andrex® Washlets are absolutely safe to flush down your toilet as they have passed both international INDA/EDANA flushability standard and now the UK flushable standard Fine to Flush. Additionally, our product now disperses faster than the previous Andrex® Washlets making them safe for the UK sewer systems.

Not all wipes are flushable and it is important to always check the products’ packaging for advice on how to best dispose of the product. If a wipe is labelled ‘Do Not Flush’, it is important to throw these in the bin, otherwise they can contribute to sewer blockages and fatbergs.

We are working hard on new Andrex® Washlets packaging, which will be made of recyclable material so you’ll be able to recycle it with your carrier bags at local supermarkets front of store collection points. We are hoping to have this new packaging in the UK later in 2020.

Our Promise

Andrex® wants everyone to feel as clean as possible. Since 1942, we’ve been committed to delivering outstanding quality and helping the nations families to feel clean and confident. 75 years on, we proudly continue that tradition.

For more information on our sustainability promise, click here.

The Andrex® Washlets Clean Routine

Andrex® has consulted leading medical and hygiene experts to create a simple five-step Andrex® Clean Routine that will keep you and your family feeling clean and fresh.

Use 3-4 sheets per wipe
Wipe from front to back until clean
Use 1-2 sheets of your Andrex® Washlets to feel cleaner
Pat dry with toilet tissue
Always wash your hands with soap

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