Classic White

Andrex® Classic Clean

Embossed for a fresh and confident clean.

Natural Pebble

Andrex® Natural Pebble

Our classic product with a touch of cotton

Gentle Clean

Andrex® Gentle Clean

Fragrance-free, dermatologically tested and embossed with puppies

Classic Clean Washlets

Andrex® Classic Clean Washlets™

Flushable toilet tissue wipes with a cotton fresh fragrance

Kids Clean Washlets

Andrex® Kids Clean Washlets

Flushable toilet tissue wipes with a watermelon fragrence

Washlets Gentle Clean

Andrex® Gentle Clean Washlets™

Flushable, fragrance free toilet tissue wipes

Classic Clean Washlets To Go

Andrex® Classic Clean Washlets™ To Go

Flushable on the go wipes with a cotton fresh fragrance

Supreme Quilts

Andrex® Supreme Quilts

4 deep cushiony layers of plush softness, with a touch of silk

Skin Kind

Andrex® Skin Kind

with our unique SoftSoothe lotion containing natural extracts including Aloe Vera and Chamomile

Smooth Touch

Andrex® Smooth Touch

with a gorgeous lotion enriched with Shea Butter, almond extracts and Argan oil

Supreme Washlets*

Andrex® Supreme Washlets

with Jasmine fragrance and a touch of silk

Skin Kind Washlets

Andrex® Skin Kind Washlets™

Flushable Toilet Tissue Wipes enriched with Aloe Vera

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