There's so much to think about when your child starts school for the first time. At Andrex® we want to support parents through this exciting but anxious time, by ensuring their children have practised a complete clean routine in the months running up to starting school. Of course, every child is different and there is no magic spell to ensure your child stays sparkly clean when they start going to the toilet all by themselves. But, the Andrex® Clean Routine will help to guide you when teaching your child to use the toilet independently.


We teamed up with five fantastic parent bloggers and a parenting expert to hear their best tips for getting ready for school. Working together we created a countdown to school calendar, which we hope will help parents prepare for that first big day.

Click here to download the calendar.

Meet the bloggers

We’ve also worked with other great bloggers to help get parents thinking about school readiness and toilet training in plenty of time before their child starts school. Head on over to our Facebook and Twitter pages to learn more.

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