1 in 4

people worldwide
don’t have a toilet
of their own

892 million

people in the world
have no choice but to
go to the toilet outside


of schools don’t have
clean water

Why is the Toilets
Change Lives
initiative important?

Without clean water and decent toilets, people can’t stay healthy. Children frequently miss school and parents become too ill to work. Together, Andrex® and WaterAid are making a bigger and lasting difference to people’s lives. The Toilets Change Lives initiative is transforming the lives of thousands of people by constructing new or renovating existing public toilets in Bangladesh.


Changing Lives

Over the past three years we have been working alongside WaterAid to change the lives of people like Sanjida and Samka, helping their families and communities have access to clean, safe toilets.


Watch Sanjida’s
story below


A staggering 2 billion people – 1 in 4 – still don’t have a decent toilet of their own. Andrex® and WaterAid believe these basic human rights should be normal for everyone, everywhere, which is why our joint initiative, Toilets Change Lives, aims to improve public toilets to increase dignity and public health for communities in Bangladesh.

785 million people don’t have access to clean water close to home, that’s 1 in 10 around the world. Without clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene, people can’t stay healthy. Children are frequently sick and miss school, and parents are too ill, or busy caring for their families, to work. People living without these basic human needs do not have an equal chance to be healthy, educated and financially secure.

Andrex® and WaterAid are committed to making a positive change for communities around the world which need the most support. The Toilets Change Lives initiative has already helped transform hundreds of thousands of lives by constructing new, or renovating existing, public toilets in Bangladesh. With your support, Andrex® and WaterAid can help to build toilets for families in Bangladesh and transform the lives of thousands more people by improving public sanitation facilities.

The Toilets Change Lives initiative is a collaboration with leading NGOs, Andrex® and WaterAid in the UK. Together with the expertise of WaterAid, Andrex® is investing in programs that build, repair, and maintain toilet infrastructure, and teach people and communities good hygiene practices.

Since 2017, Andrex® and WaterAid have now built and renovated 9 public toilet blocks in Bangladesh. Due to its success, the initiative has since moved into a third city, Khulna – Bangladesh’s third largest - following the significant impact the toilets had for the communities in Dhaka and Chattogram (previously known as Chittagong).

Without clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene, disease spreads fast. In Bangladesh alone, over 2,000 children under 5 die from diarrhoea each year, and over 85 million people in Bangladesh lack access to 'at least basic' sanitation.

You can pick up a special pack of Andrex® Classic Clean from all major retailers and by donating to WaterAid you can help to build toilets for families and communities in Bangladesh. Your donation can help us transform thousands of lives.

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