Our Get Comfortable Mission

We’re on a mission to flush Britain’s toilet embarrassment.

Over half of us have held in our poo because we’re too embarrassed to go. One third of us are too uncomfortable to poo at our in-laws. 23 million of us are too afraid to use a public bathroom. *

It’s time to break down our toilet taboos.

By reading this, you’ve already taken the first step to getting comfortable.

Andrex® are partnering with Bowel Cancer UK.

Together we’re tackling the stigma around bowel health.

It’s our mission to help people confront their embarrassment, to go with confidence and to get comfortable speaking with a GP about any bowel health concerns.

Andrex® are partnering with Bowel Cancer UK, and together we’re tackling the stigma around bowel health.



What is Andrex® doing?

How can something that all 7.8billion of us do, be something that many of us are embarrassed by?

We’re provoking the nation to conquer that first office poo taboo. To drop it like it’s hot at your best friend’s house. To christen the in-laws' toilet. To never mask the sound of your stool with a fake cough and poo like nobody’s listening.

We’ve committed to a minimum three-year partnership with Bowel Cancer UK with over £2.3million worth of support to drive earlier diagnosis of bowel cancer by helping people across the nation feel more comfortable about their toilet habits and stop them feeling embarrassed.

It’s time to #GetComfortable


What is Bowel Cancer UK doing?

Bowel Cancer UK wants to start a conversation about bowel health, where everyone knows what’s normal for them. The charity wants people to know the symptoms of bowel cancer and have the confidence to speak to their GP if something isn't right.

Having these symptoms doesn’t always mean you have bowel cancer. But it’s still important to find out what’s causing them. Even if you have just one of these, ask your GP for a simple test you can do at home.

To find out more about these symptoms of bowel cancer, and the charity’s wider work supporting people affected by the disease, 
visit Bowel Cancer UK’s website using the button below:

If you’d like to support Bowel Cancer UK’s mission to save lives and improve the quality of life of everyone affected by bowel cancer,
you can donate by clicking the button below:


* Survey conducted with 505 participants, Savanta, February 2024