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A million rolls of confidence

At Andrex we believe that the confidence that comes with feeling clean shouldn’t be a luxury. That’s why we care that 15% of UK adults have had to go without an essential hygiene product, in the last year.


To make a difference we are partnering with In Kind Direct, an organisation that helps families across the UK access vital hygiene products, like loo roll.


Donating a million rolls by March 2023

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We are proud to be helping In Kind Direct deliver life’s essentials to those who need them. A million rolls of Andrex is just the beginning.

Getting to the heart of the matter

It’ll take more than 1 million rolls of toilet paper to end hygiene poverty. That’s why we’re working with In Kind Direct to find out how we can change things for good.
Together, we will publish the Andrex and In Kind report so we can better understand this complex problem.

In Kind Direct delivers essentials to people like Heather

“I’m not kidding the Andrex wipes and toilet roll was an absolute godsend, the side effects of chemotherapy were horrendous, and I needed these more than ever. I wasn’t well enough to leave the house and because I was on benefits, I couldn’t afford such luxuries.”

From personal care packages like Heather’s, to delivering to food banks and vital community services, In Kind Direct make a huge difference. Find out more about their work here