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Our mission is to improve sustainability
and leave a greener pawprint on our planet.

At Andrex® we are proud to be tackling some of the biggest environmental issues by improving the sustainability of our products, packaging and processes. As part of this vision we will continue to work with our innovation teams and partners to look for more sustainable and eco friendly ways of working.

All packaging is made using 30% recycled plastic
and is still 100% recyclable.

- All our toilet paper products have packaging material containing 30% recycled plastic. 

- It is of course the same great quality Andrex® product that you know and love inside the packaging!

Andrex® Gentle Clean Toilet Tissue
available in paper packaging.

In addition to using more recyclable packaging in our core packaging we sell Andrex® Gentle Clean Toilet Tissue 4 Roll in paper packaging. It is of course the same great quality toilet roll that you know and love inside the packaging! Click here to find out where to buy it.

Discover New Andrex® Classic Clean Toilet Tissue, with a unique 3D-Wave™ texture that has been specifically designed to give you a better clean than ever before.


Andrex® has a number of partnerships that are committed to finding environmentally innovative solutions to help us get to a greener pawprint faster and to help improve the lives of communities around the world

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