Andrex® Supreme Quilts Toilet Tissue

Andrex® Supreme Quilts is our most comfortable toilet paper yet. 
With air pocket texture and being 25% thicker, these rolls provides deep cushiony layers. Supreme Quilts luxury toilet roll gives you the royal treatment you deserve.
- Five-star comfort
- Softer sheets with air pocket texture
 -Our most luxurious clean


471 Reviews

Features and Ingredients

Andrex Dry Quilts toilet paper
Softer than ever before

Our super soft toilet paper now comes with Air Pocket™ texture – so it’s gentle on the skin.

Quilted comfort now lasts even longer, in a MEGA roll with at least 50% more sheets
Andrex® Supreme Quilts MEGA rolls use 26% less plastic, require up to 14% fewer trucks to transport and use up to 34% less core board.
Andrex Supreme Quilts Mega Roll pack
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9 out of 10 people love Andrex® Supreme Quilts
Consumers rated our new quilted toilet paper as 9.2/10 for having the best combination of softness and strength.