Let’s talk about ‘flushability’
If you’re thinking of trying the Andrex® Clean Routine, you might wonder if you can flush our Washlets® or not. At Kimberly-Clark we test all our products to make sure they pass all INDA and EDANA industry standards (they’re the international associations serving the nonwovens and related industries that sets guidelines on the flushability of wet wipes). This means our flushable Washlets® are specially designed to break down in moving water, so they won’t block your toilet if your sewage system is well maintained and you follow the directions on the packaging.
What can be safely flushed?
Washlets Refill

Andrex® Classic Clean Washlets™

Flushable toilet tissue wipes with a cotton fresh fragrance

Washlets Refill

Andrex® Gentle Clean Washlets™

Flushable fragrance free toilet tissue wipes

Washlets Refill

Andrex® Skin Kind Washlets™

Flushable toilet tissue wipes enriched with aloe vera

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