Let’s talk about ‘flushability’

Andrex® Washlets are flushable, biodegradable, 100% plastic-free, do not block toilets and are safe for the sewer systems.

The flushability claim of Andrex® Washlets is assured through testing carried out in accordance with INDA/EDANA’s international standard for flushability (GD4). The introduction of Water UK's standard for flushability in the UK, Fine to Flush, happened earlier this year and while Andrex® Washlets have not yet been tested against this new standard, we are now working in full collaboration with Water UK to adopt this UK standard at the earliest possible time.

What can be safely flushed?
Washlets Refill

Andrex® Classic Clean Washlets™

Flushable moist toilet tissue with micellar water and cotton fresh fragrance

Washlets Refill

Andrex® Gentle Clean Washlets™

Flushable, fragrance free moist toilet tissue

Washlets Refill

Andrex® Skin Kind Washlets™

Flushable moist toilet tissue enriched with prebiotic lotion

Washlets Refill

Andrex® Supreme Washlets™

Flushable moist toilet tissue with a touch of silk and jasmine fragrance

All our toilet tissue flushable and biodegradable. For the best result flush 1-2 WASHLETS™ at a time and use alongside your Andrex® dry toilet tissue for a superior feeling of clean.

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