Andrex® Skin Kind Toilet Tissue

With its SoftSoothe prebiotic lotion and unique CleanRipple™ texture, Andrex® Skin Kind is a toilet paper that cares for your skin allowing you to go about your day with refreshed confidence.


100 Reviews

Features and Ingredients

Helps maintain skin health

With its SoftSoothe prebiotic lotion and unique CleanRipple™ texture, Andrex® Skin Kind Toilet Tissue helps to remove bacteria which can cause irritation, whilst caring for your skin.

Toilet roll for sensitive skin
Recognised by The British Skin Foundation, Andrex® Skin Kind Toilet Tissue has been dermatologically tested and is suitable for even the most sensitive of skin. It's the best toilet paper for sensitive skin in our range of products.
What are people saying about Andrex® Skin Kind?
"Comforting , soft and smells wonderful. I have really enjoyed using this toilet roll. Firstly the roll is kind of quilted but just in a line , this makes it feel soft to the touch and adds some nice texture to it . The toilet roll has a lovely calming soothing scent which i love having in my bathroom . The roll feels soft and my skin and feels calming and soothing." 5* customer review, May 2020

Customer Reviews

Where's the integrity?

A toilet tissue that disintegrates when handled isn't very useful for the purpose for which it was designed. It makes toilet visits a very messy experience, for both children and adults. It may be kind to your skin, in the way that it refuses contact, falling to bits whenever it's handled.


September 21, 2021


Feeling soft soft feeling soft soft

Well first i didnt think toilet tissues could get any better than the shaer buttter as it smell beautifull. Feels so ft But when i tried the new andrex wow it has a soft delicate fragrance to it ,it dosent feel like your useing toilet tissues you feel like your useìnģ the soft damp wipes but in a dry version of it i ĺòve an will 100% be buying this again loved it loved it alot lol .keep safe


August 30, 2021


Soft and strong

Very soft and nice toilet rolls. Decent amount and strong.


July 10, 2021


Loved it

Loved the softness of these toilet papers. It feels fresh and clean.


June 10, 2021


Very soft but doesn't last as long

Thankyou very much for the privilege of testing Andrex I think it is a luxury product and we all like it, but having a family of five it does not go very far there is nothing to dislike about it.

Drusilla Elizabeth

June 05, 2021



Rely soft and comfortable doesn't make you all sore


June 04, 2021


great for comfort and softness

Good paper for softness but I found I had to use a little more or it or it broke up a little. Probably from the way its manufactured but still a lovely tissue.

June 03, 2021



Great toilet tissues loved by all friends & family


June 02, 2021


Loved by skin care experts


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