Andrex® Supreme Quilts Toilet Tissue

Andrex® Supreme Quilts is our softest and most comfortable toilet paper yet. 
With air pocket texture and being 25% thicker, these rolls provides deep cushiony layers. Supreme Quilts luxury toilet roll gives you the royal treatment you deserve.
- Five-star comfort
- Softer sheets with air pocket texture
 -Our most luxurious clean


242 Reviews

Features and Ingredients

Softer than ever before

Our super soft toilet paper now comes with Air Pocket™ texture – so it’s gentle on the skin.

Unbeatable quilted comfort
Andrex® Supreme Quilts feature deep cushiony layers of plush softness and is 25% thicker than previous Supreme Quilts for a supreme toilet roll you can trust.
9 out of 10 people love Andrex® Supreme Quilts
Consumers rated our new quilted toilet paper as 9.2/10 for having the best combination of softness and strength.

Customer Reviews

Andrex Quilts

I have been using Andrex quilts for years, what on earth have you done to them? They are no longer quilted or luxurious, they appear to be much thinner & leave loads of white tissue pieces on the floor under the roll. As a family we are using much more than we used to, this is no longer good value. I had often used a square to mop up the odd bit of mascara while putting on my make up, don't do it!! You have a face covered in cheap white tissue bits. Had I bought these from an unknown source online I would have thought I'd been scammed! Sorry Andrex, I will be looking for a better quality elsewhere.


October 25, 2021


Bring back the old version!

Absolutely awful! This new version is thinner (from 4-ply to 3-ply) but the same price? It leaves white dusty tissue particles everywhere (including down there) and is just poor quality overall. Such a shame as this used to be the best tissue on the market. Seeking an alternative!

Anon user 2

October 24, 2021


Significant downgrade, avoid.

Was 4ply now 3ply. 25% thicker must mean 50% more air. Website also mysteriously "fails" when trying to add a negative review....


October 23, 2021


Terrible “upgrade”

Break up with the slightest wipe leaving a trail of powdered paper in their wake. Go back to the old production formula please or lose customers


October 22, 2021


Beautifully soft

As far as toilet roll goes this one is really soft and gentle. It’s great for bottoms and for little noses too. You can definitely tell the difference between a quality product and when you cheap out on it.


October 19, 2021


So soft

I love these toilet rolls, they are very soft. You need soft toilet roll when wiping intimate areas. They didn’t go too quickly either compared to some. Highly recommend for anyone who wants that extra soft feel.


October 19, 2021



These toilet tissue are the best and are good for the kids I wet them and use them like wipes for the baby I buy regularly and will carry on buying and are so soft I use them make up and stuff to all the time


October 19, 2021



The softest toilet roll I have ever felt, it’s so thick and soft really does feel lovely. This is my new favourite and will be replacing my current toilet roll. Would recommend to buy if you want a soft toilet roll


October 18, 2021


Soooooo cushiony


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