Andrex® Ultra Care Washlets™ Moist Toilet Tissue

Andrex® Ultra Care Washlets™ Moist Toilet Tissue are a uniquely designed, lightly moistened toilet tissue. Enriched with a unique lotion for unbeatable soothing care for skin. They are safe to flush down your toilet and are made from 30% recycled packaging and are 100% recyclable. Use alongside your regular Andrex® toilet tissue to leave you feeling cleaner and fresher.


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What makes Ultra Care so good?

Certified Fine to Flush by UK water industry
Safe to flush down your toilet, as they have passed both international INDA/EDANA flushability standard and the UK flushable standard Fine to Flush.
Your skin will feel super soothed

Proven to soothe skin with a unique, nutrient-rich lotion containing Aloe Vera.

Andrex Ultra Care pack
Clean Clean to feel Fresh Fresh
Try together with Andrex® Ultra Care toilet paper to fee Fresh Fresh and super soothed


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