Recycle your toilet rolls by making seedling pots

by Andrex


Make biodegradable seedling starter pots

Toilet roll tubes can be adapted to create biodegradable seedling pots ideal for starting off numerous garden plants and vegetables. Making a set of seed starter pots is quick, easy and above all, free!


To make DIY seedling pots, you will need:

Several cardboard inner tubes from toilet rolls, we recommend Andrex (wink, wink)
A tray or large plate
Potting soil or compost
Seeds for planting, they can be vegetables or flowers

Depending on how large the seedlings are expected to grow before being re-potted, you may wish to cut some of the toilet roll tubes in half to make different sizes of DIY paper plant pots.


Step by Step biodegradable seedling starter pots:


  1. Start by squashing each roll flat one way and then the opposite way to make creases. You can then manipulate the roll into a square tube rather than a cylinder.

  2. Make a small cut about an inch down each crease at one end of the tube to create four flaps.

  3. Fold the flaps in on one another and overlap to create a base.

  4. You now have a set of DIY seedling pots ready to be filled with potting soil and seeds.

These seed starter pots can be filled with almost any type of seed so long as they are re-potted once they start to grow too big for the pots. Toilet roll seed starter pots work well with plants that prefer not to have their roots disturbed.

Ideal starter seeds for these DIY paper pots include:

  • Carrots
  • Peas
  • Sweet peas
  • Beans
  • Sunflowers
  • Pumpkins
  • Radishes


The beauty of these biodegradable seedling pots is they can be replanted in larger pots or directly into the garden without disturbing the roots of the plant. Simply tear off the bottom flaps and re-pot the whole tube, ensuring all the cardboard is underneath the soil. The tube will naturally degrade and the plants will hopefully thrive in their new environment.