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Wiping guide for babies and toddlers  

Knowing how to wipe your bum is a huge part of keeping it clean, healthy and comfortable. Our wiping guides can help parents teach bottom wiping techniques to toddlers and give new parents advice on how to clean a baby’s bum. Take a look at our different guides to find all the help and advice you need – whether you’re preparing for a new arrival or about to embark on a potty training adventure.


How to wipe a baby

Learning how to wipe a baby is one of the first things you’ll need to do as a new parent. Find out more here

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Endless wiping and other common wiping issues

From endless wiping after bowel movements to not being clean, we cover the most common wiping problems.

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How to teach kids to wipe

Teaching the kids how to wipe their bottom is a big step towards independence. Find out how you can encourage them to feel fresh with our handy guide.

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How to wipe a baby boy

As first-time parents to a young son, there are a few things to learn so you can wipe with confidence.

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How to wipe a baby girl

Discover how to wipe a baby girl properly so they stay happy and healthy.

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