Andrex® Classic Clean Toilet Tissue

Andrex® Classic Clean is the UK's number 1 toilet paper and each sheet now features our unique 3D Wave™ texture that is proven to clean more effectively, giving you a better clean with fewer sheets.


344 Reviews

Features and Ingredients

Unique 3D Wave™
Each sheet features our unique 3D Wave™ texture that is proven to clean more effectively, giving you a better clean with fewer sheets.
With 30% recycled packaging
As part of our sustainability journey Andrex® Classic Clean packaging is made using 30% recycled plastic and is still 100% recyclable. Just one way in which we are leaving a greener paw print
What are people saying about Andrex® Classic Clean

Love how soft these tissues are. Its stated that the 3D Wave texture is proven to clean more effectively which is great as you'll need lesser sheets! I love the brand Andrex as it always provides great quality. – ebz88 (March 2021)

Customer Reviews

Not such good quality

I’ve used Andrex for years and have always thought that the extra cost was worth it. This version, which I’ve had for the first time, is vastly inferior and feels thinner. Despite the claim that you need fewer sheets I am, in fact, finding myself using more as it tears so easily.


October 20, 2021


Great Product

Awesome Product, Value for Money, Great Packaging, Best for family and personal use

September 07, 2021


Nice and Soft

I love Andrew Toilet tissue I do buy it regularly with another popular brand! I love that it's soft and you don't need to use a lot of it to make you nice and clean, it's feel soft like velvet and it stops the kids from using more than half at a time too.


July 09, 2021


So soft

This toilet roll is definitely still the leading brand in my eyes as it’s so soft and gentle and suitable for the whole family. The rolls lasts so much longer than cheaper brands so work out good value for money.


July 06, 2021


So soft!

I'm not usually a fan of Andrex as I think they are expensive but I really like this toilet roll. It was so soft and gentle. I have 6yr old twin boys and it was great for them, they didn't use as much as usual and clean their lil bums really well


June 21, 2021


Simply softer

So soft, strong and absorbent who could ask for anything more in a loo Sroll.


June 09, 2021


I'm back to Andrex

I had forgotten how soft and luxurious Andrex toilet tissue was. I'm back


June 06, 2021


Lovely and soft

Excellent toilet paper - strong and soft and definitely the best I have used


June 04, 2021


See the 3D-Wave™ texture up close

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