Andrex® Gentle Clean Toilet Tissue

Fragrance free, dermatologically tested and featuring puppy designs on every sheet, Andrex® Gentle Clean is designed for all the family.


480 Reviews

Features and Ingredients

Fun design for families
Embossed with puppies on every sheet, these simple yet attractive rolls are gentle enough for all the family
100% paper packagaing

Our 4 roll packs are available in 100% paper packaging. It's the same toilet paper inside without any plastic packaging. Another way we are improving our sustainability. Learn more about our sustainability goals

Gentle on skin
The British Skin Foundation recognise Andrex® research into clean and healthy skin.. Andrex(R) Gentle Clean is made with 100% soft natural fibres and gives a really gentle clean .
With 30% recycled packaging
As part of our sustainability journey Andrex® Gentle Clean packaging is NOW made using 30% recycled plastic and is still 100% recyclable. Just one way in which we are leaving a greener paw print

Customer Reviews

Soft and Clean

Honestly the best loo rolls ever. Really gentle and soft but strong enough that the tissue doesn't not fall apart when using. Great for the whole family.


October 04, 2021


Absolutely superb product!!

Received this to review, and out of the leading brands/their assorted varieties Id say this one is our favourite. Its soft and strong, and the family pack is good value. Id definitely buy again and fully recommend.


October 04, 2021


Brilliant for potty training!

I joined this campaign as I was ready to start potty training my son. As soon as we received the Andrex we started our mission and my son took to it so well. The soft tissue really made a difference with how comfortable he was. Super soft, super absorbent and gentle on his delicate skin! We never used to care about brands of paper, but we've definitely been converted to Andrex!


October 04, 2021


Andrex Gentle Clean

I have been an Andrex customer for many years and these new Gentle Cleab toilet paper rolls did not disappoint. The toilet rolls were very soft and the paper seems to be of a good, thick high quality. The pattern on the paper is a cute addition and my daughter loved the cuddly toy dog! We will definitely be re-purchasing the Andrex toilet rolls as and when needed!


October 04, 2021



Andrex Gentle toilet paper is by far the most gentle I've encoutered. The rolls are quite small but there is a good amount of paper on them. It is a bit more expensive than the brand I used to buy but it's worth to pay a bit more for a quality Andrex toilet paper provides. And the little doggy that came with it is now my daughters favourite toy and if she doesn't see it she goes woof woof and looks for it (she is 19 months)


October 04, 2021


Absolutely amazing very soft

This product was stunning overall, great packaging, great print of the andrex puppy, very soft would definitely recommend


October 04, 2021


Amazingly soft

Opening the package amazing smell was so fresh, The toilet roll was soft thick and gentle. The children noticed it was a different make of toilet roll so much that we have decided to change to Andrex!


October 04, 2021


Does the job

Ok so i have never used Andrex before so i was interested to see what all of the hype was about. Firstly i noticed how soft the actual paper is, my little mas was saying 'So Soft Dad' so it won him over. I feel like it is a good product, it doesnt smell and it is soft for all of us to use. However i do feel like the ply is a bit thin so i have noticed that we are using more of it than we would of an alternative brand. Even with this is mind it is a product that i think i will purchase in the future especially if the do a thicker ply. My husband and the kids love it and they have definitely been converted to an Andrex fan. Update July 2021 - to confirm we have been converted. this has become our staple toilet roll to use day to day and our family love it. It shows what the power of samples can do. One of my work colleagues also tried the samples and loved them.


October 04, 2021


Gentle Clean is kind to your families skin


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