Andrex® Pure Care Washlets™

Andrex® Pure Care Washlets™ are fragrance free lightly moistened toilet tissue. They are made up of 99% pure water and hypoallergenic so are designed to be extra gentle on the most delicate skin.

They are safe to flush down your toilet, biodegradable and plastic free so not only are you caring for your own skin, you are caring for the planet as well.


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Features and Ingredients

Certified Fine to Flush by UK water industry
Safe to flush down your toilet, as they have passed both international INDA/EDANA flushability standard and the UK flushable standard Fine to Flush.
Plastic free biodegradable sheets
100% plastic free biodegradable moist toilet tissue sheets
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Frangrance free moist tissue
No added fragrance for the most sensitive toilet wipe
Feel cleaner and fresher
Use alongside your regular Andrex® Toilet Tissue to leave you feeling cleaner and fresher
Andrex Classic Clean product packs

Find out how Andrex® Washlets™ received Water UK’s Fine to Flush certification

A single sheet of toilet paper


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