Andrex® Gentle Clean Toilet Tissue

Fragrance free, dermatologically tested and featuring puppy designs on every sheet, Andrex® Gentle Clean is designed for all the family.


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Features and Ingredients

Andrex toilet roll
Fun design for families
Embossed with puppies on every sheet, these simple yet attractive rolls are gentle enough for all the family
Even more puppies on a roll, our MEGA rolls have at least 50% more sheets on every roll

Andrex Gentle Clean MEGA rolls use 31% less plastic, require up to 13% fewer trucks to transport and use up to 33% less core board.

Andrex Mega Rolls pack
Gentle on skin
The British Skin Foundation recognise Andrex® research into clean and healthy skin.. Andrex(R) Gentle Clean is made with 100% soft natural fibres and gives a really gentle clean .
With 30% recycled packaging
As part of our sustainability journey Andrex® Gentle Clean packaging is NOW made using 30% recycled plastic and is still 100% recyclable. Just one way in which we are leaving a greener paw print
Andrex recycling sticker