Motivation method
Just like it says on the tin, it’s all about motivation and keeping kids interested when there are a million and one distractions.
  • Celebrate EVERY success. Even pulling up their own pants deserves a treat (no we’re not joking)
  • Get them on the potty, even if they don’t need to go with the lure of some more rewards. Some call this bribery. We call it brains.
  • The more they conquer the bathroom. The less rewards they’ll need.
  • Before you know it, they’ll be going to the toilet ALL on their own (and turning their noses up at your stickers).
Bare Bottom method
Warm summer months (and easy clean floors) are pretty essential for no nappy time. But it’s a great way for your kid to get into the habit of catching their poos and wees in time.
  • Let your kid spend a little time without their nappy or pants each day. Either at home or outside (your private back garden is probably better than the park).
  • Look out. Is your kid squirming? Or holding themselves? They probably need to go.
  • Celebrate EVERY success. Yes, even pulling up their own pants. .
  • Are they pretty happy without their nappy. It’s now time for (duh duh duh) big kid training pants.
Scheduling method
This is all about scheduling in times to use the potty or the toilet. Even if your kid doesn’t need to go, let’s get them into the habit of using it and help have a few less accidents (phew).
  • Take your kid to visit the potty or the toilet throughout the day. Such as every 30 minutes or every hour.
  • Keep encouraging them to sit on it. Even if it’s just for a second. And even if it’s just for fun.
  • Celebrate when they get things right. A little reward. Or a big poo dance!
  • Potty and toilet conquered? The better they get, the longer they can go without a visit.
Communication method
Great for families with multiple carers, this technique is all about creating one consistent word or phrase that everyone can use. Like potty time. Go Potty. Or even GoTime!
  • First. Choose a word or phrase to let your kid know it’s time to use the potty. It could be as simple as “let’s go potty”.
  • Use your phrase EVERY time you take your kid to use the potty. Yes, even at Grandmas.
  • Celebrate every little win. Poo dances. Big cheers. And high fives are all great ways to say well done.