Improving your morning routine

 Maybe it’s been a while since you last went on your morning commute, or since the kitchen was a hustle with everyone ready to head out. And maybe you’re a bit nervous, because… Well, routines are not an easy thing. But fear not – at Andrex®, we’ve prepared a little something for you to feel confident and energised ahead of your big comeback.

A good sleep is key

Working and studying from home allowed many people, both kids and adults, an opportunity to sleep for a little bit longer. Great! Let’s not give up on it: try to stick to a consistent bedtime and morning routine, and ensure everyone at home gets at least 7-8 hours of sleep. You’ll wake up refreshed and ready to take on anything that comes your way.

Start the day with a proper meal

Firstly, make sure everyone in the family drinks plenty of water in the early hours, as that sets the body off nicely. Then, aim for a well-balanced breakfast: carbohydrates, proteins, healthy fats and fibre are all highly advisable – so make eggs, berries, oatmeal and fruit your morning go-tos.

Let’s keep moving

Thirty minutes of exercise a day are enough for your body to increase the levels of endorphins and dopamine, making your brain literally happier and more confident. The choice is exclusively yours: yoga, running, swimming… Even a nice walk around the park will do. This will also help you switch off and get some fresh air – simply make sure you carry some Andrex® Washlets in your bag, just in case!

Put the phone away

The blue light of phone screens sends all the wrong signals to the brain, stimulating it at the worst possible time. So, why not pick up that book you’ve had resting on your bedside table for the past two years? Reading before bed allows your muscles to relax, and it naturally slows down your breathing, easing your body and brain into a sound sleep. Plus, you’ll feel great about yourself because reading is awesome. True story.