Time to look after yourself

At a time of change (different weather, different routines), allowing time for self-care can make a huge difference. It can improve your physical health, lower the levels of stress and anxiety, and even help you better your concentration and productivity – which ultimately results in a refreshing boost of self-esteem. Want to know how? Simply sit back and enjoy the list of positive suggestions we’ve put together for this change of seasons. 

Find new self-care routines Light your favourite scented candles, or pick your preferred seasonal flowers – they can infuse the room with positivity and help you switch off after a busy day.
Bring back movie nights – dig out the chunky blanket, make yourself a nice drink, and give your all-time faves a lovely rewatch.

Baking is always a good idea – whether it’s an army of gingerbread people or a delicious loaf of bread, give yourself a chance to have some fun in the kitchen.

Enjoy a nice, long bath – it’ll help your muscles relax and give your brain a well-deserved break, allowing you to recharge the batteries when you need it most.

Start a journal – with a bit more time on your hands, this is an ideal occasion to reflect and get creative with a journal. The positive effects to the mind are countless.

Enjoy refreshing walks Walking is great exercise. Just thirty minutes a day can increase your fitness, help strengthen the bones and improve your overall sense of well-being. Whether you’re an early riser or partial to a stroll after lunch, walking can be done at any time – also with friends! It can do wonders for your mental health too, helping you clear your head whilst enjoying the great outdoors. Plus, if you’ve got a dog, you can bring them along and cross one thing off the list whilst looking after yourself. And if you fancy making these walks even more fun, check out this article for more ideas.

And why not give yoga a go? Yoga helps release the work-from-home tension, boosts your immunity, increases brain functions and even improves your breathing – not to mention the peaceful mindfulness that it brings. Even if it’s just an excuse to get away from your screen, as little as fifteen minutes a day can make a noticeable difference. And yes, it may sound daunting at first, but it truly is a very accessible exercise, with plenty of entry-level routines and postures – all it takes is a tiny little bit of willpower and fifteen minutes of your time!