Spooktacular Halloween craft ideas

Turn your empty Andrex® rolls into fun decorations.

Halloween is around the corner, and you know what that means: tricks, treats and loads and loads of fun. If you want to try something different this year, and give your spooky decorations an environmentally-friendly spin, read along – young or old, we’ve got something for everyone at home to enjoy.

It’s pumpkin time!

Who says there’s no room for cute on Halloween? Take your pumpkin-carving skills to the next level with our adorable puppy and paw templates.Click on the images below to download the template you like, and follow the instructions below:

This is what you’ll need:

• Pumpkin
• Large spoon
• Scissors
• Sharp knife (keep away from children)
• Marker pen
• Tea light

And then, simply follow these steps:

1. Choose a pumpkin size and use a sharp knife to cut off the crown.
2. With a large spoon, scoop out the seeds, fibres and some of the flesh.
3. Cut around your printed puppy or paw outline with some scissors.
4. Place the template on the pumpkin and, with a marker pen, draw around the outline.
5. Use a smaller, sharp knife to cut it out. And remember: always cut away from yourself, in case the knife slips.
6. Pop a tea light inside the pumpkin, light it and replace the crown.

No carving? No problem

Carving is not the only way of creating amazing, spine-tingling pumpkin decorations. For this ghostly ornament, you will need:

Large pumpkin
White paint
Black paint
Thin paintbrush

Ready to get spooky? This is how you embellish your pumpkin with funny little ghosts:

1. Cover your thumb in white paint. 
2. Place thumbprints all over the pumpkin, which will be the beginning of your ghosts.
3. Once dry, dip a thin paintbrush in black paint to draw the face of the ghost – two small circles for the eyes and a longer circle for the mouth will do the trick!

Bring your Andrex® rolls back from the dead

Halloween provides a perfect excuse to recycle your empty toilet rolls. Use them to create something frighteningly cute – and have some family fun along the way! Here’s what you’ll need to build scary bat decorations to hang around the house:

Toilet paper roll
Black paint
A pair of googly eyes
Black paper

The bat-making process is easy as pie, so why not invite everyone at home to take part?

1. Fold the ends of the empty roll inwards, so the edges are concave. The two pointy tips at the top will form the bat’s ears, and the bottom ones will be its little legs.
2. Draw some bat wings on the black paper, then cut them out with scissors.
3. Tape or glue the toilet roll to the wings in the middle and paint it black.
4. Once dry, stick on the pair of googly eyes towards the top of the toilet paper roll.

Spiders, anyone?

These spider-rolls will be the perfect companionship to your pumpkin and bat decorations. To put together these scary little ones, you’ll need:

• Toilet paper roll
• Black paint
• Scissors
• A pair of googly eyes

And then, simply gather everyone in the family and follow these steps.

1. Start by cutting four slits on each side of a toilet paper roll. There will be extra in between them, so cut them off; these will be your spider legs. Try to cut them all the same height, so the stamp will be more even on the paper. 
2. Dip the legs into black paint and stamp it on a piece of white card.
3. Glue on some googly eyes.
4. You can use the leftover toilet roll to make more spiders; just paint the roll black and stick on some googly eyes. There’s never too many loo-roll spiders at home!

We’ll be delighted to see all your wonderful creations, so please keep us in the loop by tagging on us on your Instagram posts with the handle @andrexuk

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