Make the most of autumn

The milder temperatures of autumn offer plenty of opportunities to go out and about. Be it on your own or with your family, it’s the perfect time to get active and have some fun. All you need to do is read through our list of suggested plans and activities – and make sure you pack your versatile Andrex® Washlets before leaving the house!

How to spot the perfect pumpkin

If you fancy a trip to your local farm, look out for pumpkins with an intense orange colour, a smooth surface and a flat bottom. A healthy pumpkin will also sport a green and nicely sturdy stem, so don’t forget to check that too. And do take a moment to look closely for imperfections such as holes, scabs or wounds; these are signs of decay, which means your pumpkin won’t last as long.

Welcome to Pumpkin 101

Everything deserves a second life these days, so here’s a list of things you can do to make the most of each and every pumpkin.
- Get creative with your pumpkin – find the cutest tricks and treats for Halloween in this article.
- Enjoy the taste of autumn – yummy pumpkin pies, hearty pumpkin soups, comforting pumpkin spiced lattes… The possibilities are endless and the results are always delicious!
- Nothing to waste – pumpkins are 90% water, so consider using any leftovers to make rich compost; your garden, and anything you’re growing, will be most thankful.
- Share the love – foxes, squirrels and farm animals are all pumpkin lovers (who wouldn’t be!), and birds are also rather fond of their seeds, so they’ll surely appreciate any bits of pumpkin you can spare them.

Nothing beats an autumnal walk

Apart from enjoying a bit of fresh air, and the beautiful browns of autumn, walking can also become a fun activity for everyone in the family. From making hedgehogs with pinecones to collecting acorns and conkers, or bringing back some nice stones to paint at home, there’s plenty of ways to make these strolls enjoyable for all.
You can even give your walks a slightly competitive edge. Have you heard of The Matchbox Challenge yet? Everyone in the family takes a small matchbox before stepping out, and then see who can collect the most interesting items – get ready to be surprised!

Autumn plans are always good plans

Spotting scarecrows, organising a bonfire night, bobbing for apples or hosting the cosiest movie night – whether it’s with your family or with your friends, pick your plans and go make the most of this autumn.