Bathroom organisation ideas for spring

Give your bathroom a refreshing spring clean ready with our top bathroom organisation ideas.

As one of the busiest and most regularly used rooms in your house, keeping the bathroom looking clean and tidy is a must. Having the right amount of bathroom storage is essential to this, as is keeping clutter at bay.
Doing a spring clean is a great time to overhaul your bathroom space with some of our top bathroom organisation ideas and a good opportunity to throw away any clutter. 
Finding somewhere to neatly store toiletries, towels and toilet rolls is key, otherwise bathrooms can very quickly start to look untidy – especially if you only have a small space. With our tips and tricks, you’ll have your room looking ship shape in no time.

Decluttering your bathroom

Start by decluttering your bathroom counters. It’s time to be ruthless here and start throwing away all the things you don’t need. Make piles of rubbish, recycling and anything you could gift to family and friends.

Throw away clutter

From half empty bottles of shower gel to unused flannels and several tubes of toothpaste on the side, bathrooms are a place where we can quickly let clutter mount up. Throw away anything you don’t use or don’t want anymore. If this includes things like toiletries that don’t suit your skin or were an unwanted gift, then why not regift these to friends or family who might be able to make use of them. Recycle anything you can and you could combine any bits of left-over shower gel and bubble bath so you don’t waste products. Be strict at this stage – make a rule that if you haven’t used anything for at least six months then it’s time to get rid.


Towels can quickly make a bathroom look cluttered so it’s important to make sure there’s adequate storage space for them. In a bathroom, you need a hand towel and then a bath towel for each member of the family – any extras can be stored elsewhere. If you’re short on space, look at having some shelves put up to store towels on or a small storage box where you can fold or even roll them up neatly.

Use up things you do want

From bath bombs that have been on the side for ages, to facemasks and exfoliating scrubs – if there are things in your bathroom you’ve been saving for a special occasion or just haven’t got around to using yet – now is the time. By freeing up the area you’ll be able to make the most of the space you do have. 

Bathroom storage ideas

There are so many ways you can create storage in a bathroom that’s both functional and stylish. If you have quite a small space, things like shelving and built-in cabinets can be really helpful, as can having a mirrored wall cabinet that tucks away toiletries neatly. 


Storage and shelves you could build yourself are one of the easiest ways to create more storage space. With a shelf above the sink you’ll have a place to store daily essentials like tooth brushes, hand soap and face wash. Larger shelves on the walls make a great place to store baskets with fresh towels, spare toiletries and any kids’ bath toys you’d like to keep out of sight. 

Make up storage ideas for a small bathroom

There are so many stylish makeup storage organisers on the market these days, there’s no need to have lipsticks and brushes out on the side taking up valuable space. Find one that suits your needs if you like to have your makeup on display, and keep it somewhere in the bathroom out of direct sunlight. If you are the kind of person who prefers to have your makeup tucked away, look for a fold out makeup bag that has a range of compartments for different bits and bobs.

Toilet paper storage

An essential in every bathroom, there are so many ways to store toilet rolls. From storing them on a classic freestanding holder to more creative ways such as on a metal sheep stand, where the toilet rolls are in place of the sheep’s wool. Whether you want to create a fun space to store your rolls, such as on a curved shelf and styled to look like a cloud, or hooks on the wall to create a fun display, there are so many ways you can creatively store toilet paper without it taking up too much space.

Built in cabinets

Small bathrooms often mean there’s little room for all of your daily essentials and can make some bathroom storage ideas unsuitable for your space. With built in wall cabinets you can really maximise the space that you have and, finally, have a handy cupboard to store toiletries away in. Mirrored ones mean you don’t need extra space for a mirror too and make a great place to tuck away those everyday essentials like makeup remover, toothpaste, cleanser, shaving gel, razors and handwash.

Easy bathroom organisation ideas

Keeping all your little bits and bobs tidy in the bathroom is a challenge. This is why you’ll need a few of these bathroom organisation ideas up your sleeve to help make sure all the little things are in check. 

Baskets for toilet roll

Cute little wicker baskets make great places for storing excess toilet rolls and don’t take up too much space on the floor. You can also use these baskets to store fresh flannels, cotton pads and tissues.

Toothbrush holders 

Toothbrush holders can be made of all sorts, whether you want to invest in something fancy or get creative with your favourite glass or an old mug. With a holder you’ll avoid getting mess from toothpaste on the side and keep the family toothbrushes all together in one place with the toothpaste too, if there is space.

Stylish dispensers

Dispensers for your hand wash, shower gels and bubble bath are great ways to make the bathroom more fun or stylish depending on your taste. Combining all your leftover creams, or half empty shower gels, into a dispenser with a pump is a great way to save on waste and keeps your bathroom looking great.

Bathroom ladders

Bathroom ladders have become increasingly popular and are a great way to create extra storage in your home without compromising on space. Store candles, decorative plant pots and everyday toiletries on display on a stylish ladder. Look for ones with a wide step at the bottom to give you a handy place to store towels, too. 

Make the most of the inside of the cupboard doors

If you’re lucky enough to have a built-in storage cupboard, make the most of it by maximising the space. A great bathroom storage idea is to add hooks to the inside of the cupboard doors where you can tuck away a hairdryer, hair brushes and other essentials. This way you won’t need to take up a shelf inside the cupboard but you’ll still have plenty of space.