Skin Kind

The first of its kind*, Skin Kind helps to maintain your skin’s health.

At Andrex®, we know that when it comes to our skin we all want the best. Our Andrex® Skin Kind Toilet Tissue range has been specially designed to help build and maintain your skin’s natural balance. With its SoftSoothe prebiotic lotion and unique CleanRipple™ texture, Andrex® Skin Kind Toilet Tissue cleans and cares for your skin.

Recognised by The British Skin Foundation, Andrex® Skin Kind Toilet Tissue has been dermatologically tested and is suitable for even the most sensitive of skin.

* Andrex® Skin Kind Toilet Tissue is the first toilet tissue in the UK containing a prebiotic lotion.



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Andrex® Skin Kind Toilet Tissue has been specially designed to help maintain the health of your skin because it has a soft CleanRipple™ texture which helps to remove bacteria which can cause irritation. The SoftSoothe lotion with prebiotic also helps to build the healthy bacteria on your skin.

Helping to maintain skin health is something Andrex® is committed to, as reflected by the fact that the British Skin Foundation recognises Andrex® research into clean and healthy skin.

Andrex® believes the best way to keep your body healthy is to prevent a problem before it starts. That's why we have developed our new Skin Kind Toilet Tissue and Washlets that are enriched with our skin-loving SoftSoothe lotion, containing a prebiotic, to help maintain the skin’s natural balance. This means that you can protect and care for your skin with every wipe.

Both prebiotics and probiotics are important for human health, however they play different roles.

A prebiotic is a type of dietary fibre, or ‘food’, that helps to feed the friendly bacteria in your gut and encourage the development of a healthier digestive system by increasing the number of beneficial bacteria in your body. In contrast, a probiotic is already present in the gut, and all around our body, it feeds on the prebiotics we consume to assist with the maintenance of a healthy digestive system.1, 2

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Probiotics have an important role to play in helping to maintain a healthy level of good bacteria in your gut, which in turn encourages the development of a heathier digestive system. Adding prebiotics to the mix however ensures the beneficial bacteria has something to feed on, ensuring that probiotics are happy, healthy and ready to protect your skin as well as your gut health.3

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